Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL: grading their iOS apps for 2012

Google is excelling on Apple’s own platform with popular iOS apps, but it’s not alone among its fellow consumer internet companies. Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo also had some success on their rival’s platform in 2012. Here’s a look at who did better.

Microsoft SkyDrive gets new Android app, facelift

No surprise, SkyDrive in its newest incarnation is starting to look an awful lot like Windows 8. Also new, an Android app joins existing Windows Phone and iPhone versions. Microsoft SkyDrive competes with Apple iCloud and Google Drive for consumers’ digital content.

Dropbox: Yes, we were hacked

Dropbox reports that the recent spam attacks that impacted some European customers occurred when hackers used passwords obtained from outside sites to access some Dropbox accounts. The company promised a new two-factor authentication option and offered other tips.