Kindle Fire app gains location services (without a GPS)

Kindle Fire owners wanting to include locations in their tweets can do so with the updated version of TweetCaster. Nearby tweets are available too, even though Amazon’s tablet doesn’t include a GPS radio. Instead the slate uses a Wi-Fi location solution from Boston-based Skyhook Wireless.

How Siri could help boost location-based services

Mainstream mobile users have been slow to embrace location-based services. But location apps could really see a boost through the smart use of voice activated AI systems like Siri, which can help users more easily unlock the world around them.

Why Android Location Data Is So Important to Google

While the focus on handset location data has been focused largely on Apple recently, new internal Google memos that emerged yesterday illustrate why the search company is also very serious about collecting Wi-Fi data through its Android handsets.

Why It’s Important to Come Clean Now on Location Data

Ted Morgan, CEO of Skyhook Wireless, said with all the attention on location data and privacy concerns, it’s important for mobile companies to come clean now, rather than face a backlash from users or worse, government intervention.

Skyhook Sues Google in a Location Battle Royale

Skyhook Wireless, the company that determines location via surrounding Wi-Fi signals, has sued Google for patent infringement and for interfering with its business. The move is part of an effort to control location data as the mobile web becomes the platform for the next generation of technology.

Devicescape Joins Location Sweepstakes

Devicescape, a San Bruno, Calif.-based company that makes software that allows devices and smartphones to find and connect to WiFi networks is jumping into a hotly contested business: location-based WiFi-positioning service. The company is targeting device makers with its new offering, SoftGPS WiFi positioning service.

For Location, Samsung Hooks Up With Skyhook

Samsung Electronics, world’s second largest mobile phone maker as a customer says it will use Skyhook Wireless’s geo-local services and build them into its smartphones starting with Samsung Wave. Skyhook now counts Apple, Dell, Motorola and Samsung as its device customers along with startups like Foursquare.