Meet the next small Windows tablet: Asus VivoTab Note 8

Asus has entered the small Windows tablet market with the Asus VivoTab Note 8 appearing in the Microsoft Store. The slate costs $30 more than similar devices but offers an advanced stylus with pressure sensitivity.

Acer’s first Windows 8 tablet: $799 with case and keyboard

Here come the Windows 8 device announcements: Acer’s first Windows 8 tablet, the Iconia W700, hits the market on Oct. 26 with a starting price of $799. That price includes a keyboard and unique case / cradle, giving hints on Windows 8 RT pricing.

Feature wars and computing shifts: Netbook vs. Tablet

Tablets began outselling netbooks earlier this year, but the small laptops still have their fans. One person created a list of 101 things a netbook can do and it’s a great read. But I’d argue that most consumers are moving away from such traditional computing activities.

Updated Nook Color shows a smart $249 tablet strategy

The Nook Color gains new magazines with enhanced interactivity, along with performance updates, in a software update today. At $249, many iPad competitors could learn from the “tablet that’s not a tablet” approach: Focus on key features at a reasonable price and customers will see value.

HP TouchPad becomes a low-cost Ubuntu tablet

Tech savvy users may be snapping up the $99 HP TouchPad for a reason nobody thought of: You can turn the slate into an Ubuntu Linux tablet with these instructions. The TouchPad will still run webOS, so this solution offers two operating systems for one price.

Will Demand Meet the Tablet Supply?

A long list of companies will bring new tablets to market this year in the hopes of duplicating the success of Apple’s iPod touch. Whether demand will meet that supply, though, is far from clear.

Why a Google Slate Could Dominate

Slate (or tablet) devices will begin coming to market in a big way next year from a host of manufacturers and developers. And Google — with its Chrome OS — is well-positioned to quickly become a leader in the space.