Yahoo gets hip to entrepreneurs and puts Max Levchin on its board

Yahoo has added Max Levchin, a Silicon Valley star, to its board of directors giving it a much-needed entrepreneurial and engineering-savvy board member. The web portal will also see two of its existing directors leave, shrinking the board to 11 members.

Why Facebook Will Launch Mobile Chat

What will be the next big feature that Facebook introduces in terms of mobile applications? It’s not hard to come up with an answer to that question — it’s obvious that the Palo Alto, Calif.-based social networking company will launch “chat” as part of its mobile suite.

Slide CEO: Risks of OPP & Why Ad Models Don’t Work

In Part II of his video interview, Slide Founder Max Levchin talks about PayPal’s turbulent early years, the delicate balance between platform owners and developers and his not-so-fond-memories of the advertising based business models. He talks about the lack of desire for big breakthroughs in society.

In His Own Words: Max Levchin (Video)

In the Part 1 of the two part interview, Max Levchin, the Ukrainian-born co-creator of PayPal and founder of Slide, talks about his entrepreneurial journey. It is a story of immigrant work ethic, relentless desire to live his version of the American dream.

A Startup Finds That Metrics Don’t Create Good Apps

There’s a lot of talk these days about data-driven product development. But at least one startup, Lolapps, is finding that data isn’t everything. Now it is switching its strategy, hiring experienced game designers and conducting user tests where the goal is maximizing fun.

Rabois Slides On To Square

Keith Rabois, a well-known angel investor and senior executive at social gaming company Slide, that was recently acquired by Google for $182 million is leaving the company and joining Square, a company founded by Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey. Rabois is joining as Square’s general manager.

Max Levchin Says Embracing Failure Is Dumb

Slide CEO Max Levchin is joining Google with the acquisition of his company, but some of his thinking could collide with the way Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been approaching social products like Google Wave. One of the biggest issues: Levchin really doesn’t like failure.

How Slide Pushes Google’s Open Social Strategy

Google this morning confirmed what had already been widely reported — that it has bought Slide, the social application maker. Google’s blog post on the matter is incredibly vague as to what Slide will actually be doing for Google, but let’s read the tea leaves.