SlingPlayer Mobile Arrives on the iPad

Sling Media ?today released? an iPad-specific version of its ?SlingPlayer Mobile? application. The app, like its iPhone counterpart, allows you to stream live TV from your set-top cable or satellite box to your iPad wirelessly so long as you have Slingbox hardware.

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Gains Slingbox Support on Wi-Fi and 3G

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 finally gains support for SlingPlayer Mobile software, allowing you to watch live television on your handset. Unlike some versions of the software, this edition isn’t limited to Wi-Fi usage — you can enjoy streaming video over 3G too.

SlingPlayer Coming to the iPhone

The  SlingPlayer application will come to the iPhone, thanks to Sling Media working with AT&T to adjust the way its video application uses bandwidth on AT&T’s overburdened 3G network. This will be great for people who want to stream television content from their Slingbox at home to their iPhone while traveling, and marks a turning point in the mobile application world, whereby developers and carriers work closely to adapt their apps to the constraints of the mobile network. Continue reading on GigaOM.

Will Sprint Thwart Sling Media’s 3G Palm Pre App Plans?

requirements_spm_hero_apr09Sling Media is developing a version of its SlingPlayer application, which allows users to access TV content from their mobile phones, for the Palm (s palm) Pre that would work on both on Wi-Fi and 3G. But Sling’s hopes for 3G support could be dashed by the Pre’s mobile carrier, Sprint (s s), which is currently locked in an agreement with privately held MobiTV to deliver mobile television content. That’s a shame, because allowing SlingPlayer on Sprint’s 3G network would help Palm gain more traction in the smartphone landscape — and give the Pre an edge over the iPhone (s aapl).

AT&T, of course, opted against supporting the SlingPlayer app on its 3G network, which resulted in an outcry from iPhone users. Depending on what Sprint decides, it’s a decision that could end up working heavily in Palm’s favor. Read More about Will Sprint Thwart Sling Media’s 3G Palm Pre App Plans?

SlingPlayer Mobile: A Good Bet for Your BlackBerry

slingplayer_bbThe people over at Sling Media really get it. They consistently make products that work — and work well. Their latest application, SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry (s rimm), is no different. In fact the only downside to this application, which is currently in beta, is the price tag the final version is due to have, which Sling says will be $29.99.

Like the existing SlingPlayer Mobile applications, which work with Windows Mobile, Palm OS, or Symbian phones, SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry lets you view the contents of your Slingbox-connected TV on your smartphone. Right now the BlackBerry app only works with GSM phones — so you’ll need a BlackBerry that’s on the AT&T (s T) or T-Mobile network. You’ll also need to make sure the phone is running version 4.5 (or higher) of the BlackBerry operating system. I tested the application on a BlackBerry 8820, and had to update the phone’s software in order to run SlingPlayer — a process that took more than an hour.

Once the phone was updated, though, installing and running the SlingPlayer application was simple. Just go to on your phone and click to download the app. Once it’s installed, you can connect to your Slingbox, which has to be remote viewing-enabled, by logging in with a user name and password. From there, you can view the TV, change the channels, and access content that’s stored on a connected DVR.

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