Beware of fake iPad Smart Covers for sale on Amazon

As the holiday gift-giving season is upon us, a good reminder to read reviews of products before buying online: Dozens of complaints on Amazon show that many of the “Apple Smart Covers” and ” Apple Smart Cases” for sale on the site are not the real thing.

Video look at the useful $15 Blurex Nexus 7 case

Can a $15 tablet case really be any good? After just one day with the Blurex Ultra Slim case for Nexus 7, the answer is yes. Aside from protecting the tablet, it gives full access to all controls and offers three viewing angles in landscape.

Did you miss the cheapest new Apple product this week?

Amid the “oohs” and “aahs” for new Mac hardware and upcoming iOS 6 features that Apple announced this week, perhaps the least expensive new item out of Cupertino was missed. It’s no less important, however, for iPad owners. Take a look at Apple’s new Smart Case.