Only in Vegas- HD-DVD or BluRay?

Last night in the taxi returning to our hotel the cab driver was quizzing Kevin and I on HD DVD technology.  He was particularly interested in the battle between HD-DVD and BluRay and which one he should get.  He was quite knowledgeable about the technology in general and stated that when prices drop a little more that’s when he’ll jump on one of the two technologies.  Plus he’ll make sure he picks the one that will survive which right now appears to be BluRay.  Only in Vegas.  🙂

CDN Price Wars Dim Limelight

I have often alluded to the brutal price wars that are raging in the content delivery network business, driven largely by the entry of newer players including Level 3 (LVLT) and a gaggle of startups that are hell-bent on taking market share from incumbents such as Akamai (AKAM).
Limelight Networks (LLNW), another big player in the market, is beginning to feel the brunt of the price wars. The company posted better-than-expected third-quarter results today, but it went on to give a revenue forecast that caused chills to run down the spine of Wall Street. I don’t think this is the end of the gloomy forecasts; we are going to see the ultra-competitive nature of the CDN business take its toll.

Vid-Biz: YouTube, PodTech, BBC

YouTube: Big Trouble in China? Reports indicate the video-sharing service is being blocked on the mainland just as YouTube launches in Taiwan. (Blocking: Dan Wei; Taiwan Launch: Mashable)

John Furrier Leaves PodTech; founder no longer an employee but will still serve on the board. (John Furrier Blog) to Launch Ads; commercials will be viewed by visitors outside the UK. Related: The Beeb is cutting 1,800 jobs to consolidate operations for the digital age. (Ads: PaidContent UK Layoffs: PaidContent UK)

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More People Watching TV Shows Online

Well, whaddya know. After we asked, earlier this month, who watches TV shows online, research firms TNS and The Conference Board have piped in with an answer: Roughly sixteen percent of American Internet households watch TV broadcasts online.

“Although online television viewing is still not a widespread phenomenon, the proportion of users has increased since 2006 and is likely to increase over time, given consumers’ love for entertainment,” said Lynn Franco, director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center.


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Open Thread Weekend: We answer tech questions, too

The open thread closes at midnight PDT (UTC -0700). Be sure to get your questions in before then!
Although we at The Apple Blog like to hand down our knowledge and opinions on all things AAPL (sometimes a little too self-righteously, sure, but aren’t bloggers supposed to be snarky and provocative?), the real reason we’re here is to serve cool readers like you. Yep, you! Whether through the articles we write, or by answering the questions you post in open threads, our purpose as TAB bloggers is to offer you assistance and insight into the Apple world and the Cult of Mac.
Is there some technical topic about OS X that has been bugging you for a while? Prof. MacLovin is here to help! Whether it’s configuring launchd(8) services or getting that issue resolved with your blinking AirPort Extreme status light, run it by me. Having problems getting your favorite GNU software to compile? I’ve been there and done that: I feel your pain, and I will ease it. If you accidentally break down your software RAID-1 device in Disk Utility, though, you’re out of luck. I’ve been there and felt that pain, too, and there’s nothing that can be done.
So have it: What’s on your mind? Anything that you’ve been trying to accomplish with your Mac that you can’t quite figure out? We’ll work through it together. Answers to your questions are just a comment away.

Booq Vyper exo Laptop Bag Review

Vyper exo XL

Back in March I sold my G5 tower in favor of the mobile life and have been using a 17″ MacBook Pro since then.

There are a plethora of bags/totes/backpacks/etc for traveling with your laptop so there was a pretty big sea of things to chose from. I’ve tried a few different bags over the past few months a must say that the bag I use now is by far my favorite.

Booq is know for their durable and sleek bags. Almost all of their bags are made out of ballistic nylon, waterproof zippers, and a hard shell with seatbelt nylon straps. These things are seriously heavy duty. I was particularly attracted to their Vyper exo line which is large enough to carry some extras with you but not so bulky that it looks like you’re carrying around a duffle bag.

Their Vyper exo line is also their first product to make use of their new Terralinq feature. Each booq bag comes with a unique ID number etched in metal and attached to your bag so that if you loose your bag (and laptop), the person who finds it just goes to the booq site and reports the bag with the unique ID. You’d then hopefully get your precious cargo back.

Booq Vyper exo XL

I lugged around my 17″ MackBook Pro all over the country in both cars and planes and must say it easily withstood the beating. It fit perfectly in under-seat airplane storage while still holding all the random extras I was carrying with my laptop.

The only thing I might change is to lower the number of extra pockets and storage areas. It seems a tad overkill to me but I’m sure others could easily put them to use.

The price tag on a Vyper exo XL (the largest size) is $195. The price can give a little bit of sticker-shock, but these really are top of the line bags that you’ll get years of use out of. 10 out 10 stars…easily.

Google Has Adscape, Microsoft has Massive… Sony Next?

We’ve recently discussed Google’s planned acquisition of advertising company, Adscape, and now it appears that the deal is final. In a post on the official Google blog, Bernie Stolar, Adscape’s ex-chairman, announced the move over to the Internet giant. Another day in the business, right? For the most part, yes, but Red Herring’s Ryan Olson brings up a very interesting point: now that everyone has ad companies (Microsoft with Massive, Google with Adscape), is Sony going to join suit? Read More about Google Has Adscape, Microsoft has Massive… Sony Next?

FIFA Still #1 In U.K.

Electronic Arts must be pretty pleased with themselves about this last weeks ELSPA (Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association) United Kingdom sales charts, and with good reason: the top 3 slots belong to them. Once again, atop the charts, is the popular FIFA ’07 title which has spent 15 weeks in the top 10. In second place, for its 10th week in the charts, is Need for Speed: Carbon followed by The Sims 2: Pets at number 3. Following the EA tidal wave is Pro Evolution Soccer 6, Konami’s soccer game that’s in direct competition with FIFA, and Canis Canem Edit (better known as Bully in the States). Read More about FIFA Still #1 In U.K.

HD-DVD reading and writing coming to a mobile near you

Sdl902a_hddvdToshiba is showing off a new HD-DVD drive capable of reading and writing on the new media. HD-DVDs are garnering attention for their high-definition video playback, but like Blu-Ray, the optical disk format is also perfect for storing large amounts of data; HD-DVD typically can store 15 GB per layer, which compares to a typical DVD at 4.7 GB per layer.

The new SD-L902A drive has an 8 MB buffer and is under 13 millimeters high, which makes this usable in laptops. The drive is also backwards compatible with DVD and CD formats. No word on price, but expect to see this drive available in early 2007. Considering that Microsoft’s HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 is due in at $199, I’d figure this optical drive to boost your notebook price by at least $350 or more.

Update: Engadget shows other models including an external one. Hmm….an HD-DVD movie on a 7-inch UMPC screen? Overkill, but cool. 😉