Here are 15 more products that work with Nest

As I said in my article about the smart home trends leading up to CES, the consolidation of devices under a few big platforms will be a big topic at the show, and brands are not letting me down. Despite not having a huge presence at the show, Google-owned Nest is winning over the hearts and minds of developers and 15 device-makers want to announce their Nest integrations at the show.

So, if you have a Nest Thermostat or Protect, maybe you have reason to activate your Works with Nest section of the app to see how you might be able to link your Nest devices to your connected light bulbs, televisions or other gear. Apparently, according to Nest one in 10 Nest owners are using the program. I’ve tried it with LIFX bulbs and the Chamberlain garage door opener. My colleague Kevin Tofel even showed us how to talk to our Nest from our Android phones. So now, here’s the list of the most recent partners:

August smart lock silver_angled

  • August Smart Lock can use your locking or unlocking of the door to trigger the Home or Away setting on the Nest Thermostat.
  • Automatic, the connected device that tracks your driving, can tell your Nest when to start heating or cooling your home to get it closer to a comfortable temperature when you get home.
  • Insteon, the connected home system, has supported Nest unofficially for a while, but now you can control your Nest on the level from the Insteon app.
  • LG now works with Nest to help your LG appliances to help Nest figure out if you are home or not. On the flip side, if your Nest Thermostat notices you’re away, your fridge can go into an energy-saving mode. And if it realizes you are gone, LG will send you an alert if you left the oven on.
  • Lutron, like the Insteon integration, now lets you control your Nest from your Lutron app. It would be nice if an Away signal from the Nest also dimmed your Lutron lights.
  • Ooma, the IP telephone system, is also working with Nest and will call you and offer to call local emergency services if the Nest Protect notices smoke. It also offers more prosaic services such as call forwarding to your cell phone if your Nest thermostat tells it you are away.
  • Philips Hue lights can flash on and off to get your attention when the Protect senses a problem.
  • UniKey, the technology behind the Kwikset Kevo smart lock, can tell the Nest Thermostat who’s home and what temperature they like.
  • Withings, which makes the Aura Sleep System, will set your Nest Thermostat to a comfortable night-time temperature when you fall asleep and let the Thermostat know you’ve woken up.
My Lutron lights will soon work with my Nest!

My Lutron lights will soon work with my Nest!

Astute observers will notice that many of these options are replicating similar ideas across many devices, which makes sense given that many people have a variety of devices in their homes. They also will have different preferences on how they want to signal a return home, for example. One person may want their home warm when they get there and won’t mind paying a few extra bucks a month to heat their house, so they might let Automatic or their Android phone tell Nest to start heating the house when they are 10 miles from home. Others might want to start when they hit their garage door open or their front door open. With so many options they can pick and choose between their preferred scenarios and the devices they have.

Astute observers might also notice that there are not 15 partners. The remaining are coming soon so I’m going to list them and the month they are expected but skimp on what they will do since that could change and we’ll likely see a release at that time. Here they are:

  • Big Ass Fans ceiling fans (Available in February)
  • Beep speaker systems (Available in February)
  • ChargePoint EV charging (Available in June)
  • OSRAM/Lightify light bulbs (Available in March)
  • Stack light bulbs (Available in February)
  • Whirlpool washers and dryers (Available in April)
  • Zuli smart plugs (Available in April)