Duke Energy embraces cellular for smart grid

Duke Energy is turning to cellular networks as the backbone for its smart grid. The utility detailed the network plan in a white paper released earlier this month, and revealed one of the most aggressive uses of cellular networks by the utility industry in the U.S.

AT&T links with smart grid player Digi

The undercover smart grid player Digi International is about to get a lot less undercover. On Wednesday, telco giant AT&T said it has partnered with Digi to offer home and building energy applications for the 13 million smart meters that connect to AT&T’s wireless network.

On-Ramp Wireless ramps up funds for smart grid

A wireless smart grid networking tech that is supposed to be able to reach many miles with little infrastructure and at a low price point, is ramping up funding. That would be startup On-Ramp Wireless, which has raised $11.5 million of a planned $15 million round.

SmartSynch Raises $25M for the Cellular Smart Grid

The smart grid firm that has championed using cellular networks for utilities’ smart grid projects, SmartSynch, has raised another round of $25.67 million in debt and options out of a planned $33.37 million round, according to a filing Wednesday morning.

Now the Smart Grid Wants to Lure Developers

Could we see an apps store for smart meters take off in the future? SmartSynch, the company championing cellular smart meters, is trying it out with Qualcomm’s Brew MP operating platform.

Grid Net Embraces LTE for Smart Grid

Grid Net, the smart grid software maker, has officially moved beyond the wireless standard WiMAX and this morning announced that its software now supports the 4G wireless standard LTE (Long Term Evolution), the dominate next-gen wireless standard embraced by U.S. telcos.

10 Ways Phone Companies Are Going Green

Cell phone makers and carriers often like to tout their “green” accomplishments — like the bright green Reclaim phone partly made from bioplastic (yeah, that’s corn). But phone companies are also making some more serious moves. Here’s 10 ways that phone companies are going green.

Meter Granddaddy Elster Seeks IPO

Look out, smart meter startups with IPO dreams — the granddaddy of power metering is plugging into the public markets. Elster Group, the German electric, gas and water metering giant founded in 1848, announced this week that it was filing to go public.