Forget the money: Kickstarter turns Pebble into a platform

Eric Migicovsky, the man behind the Pebble watch, is not simply interested in the money he’s raising from his record-setting Kickstarter campaign. He’s more interested in how it’s helping create an ecosystem around Pebble’s app platform, which will support developers and make the watch more useful.

MobileTechRoundup podcast 265: Two Galaxy Notes and a new smartwatch

Matt describes all the differences between the AT&T Galaxy Note and the international addition, while Kevin convinces Matt consider buying a MotoActv. Hands on with the HTC One S and X international editions and thoughts on Nokia’s response to the Lumia 900 connectivity issues.

I bought a MotoActv for running (but wear it all day)

Tired of running with a smartphone, I dropped $199 for a MotoActv last week. Yet, I’ve unexpectedly found myself wearing it every minute of the day since I bought it. Why? It’s essentially equal parts FitBit health tracker, iPod Nano(s aapl) and exercise tracking app.

How to sell a hot smartwatch: Add iPhone support

A Kickstarter project to bring a new smartwatch to market blew through its $100,000 funding goal in its first day, and two hours later it crossed the $200,000 mark. What’s so unique about the Pebble E-Paper Watch? It works with both Android devices and the iPhone.

Sony to try the smartwatch game for a second time

Sony’s next-generation SmartWatch is “coming soon” according to the product page, and it looks like a huge improvement over the company’s first attempt, which debuted in Sept. 2010. The SmartWatch connects wirelessly to an Android phone for message notifications checking Facebook and Twitter or monitoring exercise.

WIMM One puts Android on your wrist

Google’s Android platform already powers phones and tablets, and now it runs on a wrist too: WIMM Labs started shipping its WIMM One wearable computer to developers for $299 on Wednesday. The color display works smartphones but thanks to apps, can be a standalone device too.

Video: inPulse thinks it’s time for wearable displays

The market for smart watches and wearable displays is growing based on the number of companies trying to crack this space. The latest product to cross my desk is the inPulse smartwatch; here’s a video look at this $149 connected timepiece that pairs with a smartphone.