Don’t price your ebook at $1.99

Evidence from Kobo’s self-publishing platform, Writing Life, suggests that $1.99 is a bad price for ebooks. That’s corroborated by recent data from self-publishing site Smashwords.

Smashwords gets more self-published ebooks into libraries

Digital self-publishing site Smashwords is making it easier for self-published authors to get their ebooks into libraries. The site is allowing certain libraries to buy Smashwords titles in bulk, and is also adding custom library pricing options for its authors.

Ebook Bestsellers Breakdown: Apple gives books a boost

This weekly feature examines certain ebooks’ paths to bestseller-dom, and highlights bestselling titles on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists that are selling more copies in digital than in print. Featured this week: R.L. Mathewson’s “Playing for Keeps” and “Perfection.”

Five digital lessons from BookExpo America 2012

This week, the book industry gathered at the ugly, cavernous Javits Center in Manhattan for the largest book trade event in the United States. (“I feel like I’m in Costco,” actress-author Molly Ringwald told the AP.) Here are five digital lessons from the week.

Does agency pricing mean higher e-book prices? That depends

Smashwords says its internal data shows that the agency-pricing model — which is the subject of a federal antitrust case against Apple and the major book publishers — doesn’t mean higher prices for e-books. But does that mean the Justice Department’s case is irrelevant? No.