Smule’s AutoRap app turns words into hip hop magic

Smule, the music app maker behind I am T-Pain, Songify, Glee and LaDiDa, is now venturing into rapping with the release of AutoRap. The app, launching on both iOS and Android, takes spoken words and turns into a polished rap with cool hooks and effects.

Ocarina 2 app teaches people to play songs for a price

Smule, whose Ocarina app turned the iPhone into a digital flute, is following up its Hall of Fame app with Ocarina 2, which is designed to teach people to play songs for a price. Users can prompted like Guitar Hero to press buttons that create music.

Music app maker Smule finally gives Android some love

Music app maker Smule has been one of the longest Android hold-outs, often citing the way Android devices handle audio as a reason it hasn’t embraced the mobile platform. But the company is finally showing Android some love with the release of Songify.

Smule builds social music app empire by buying Khush

Smule, the successful iOS music app start-up behind Ocarina, Magic Piano and I am T-Pain, is buying fellow social music start-up Khush, of Songify fame, in a bid to take command of what it believes will be a fast-growing mobile musical expression market.

Smule and T-Pain Bring Auto-Tune to Your iPhone


What happens when a bunch of really smart and musically inclined PhDs who make iPhone apps team up with a popular hip-hop recording artist? You get a recording studio-quality, karaoke-style machine in your pocket, otherwise called I Am T-Pain ($2.99). It’s the latest in a string of audio-based hits from Smule, and is available in the App Store today.

If you’ve been dreaming of sounding like T-Pain — or just want that glass-shattering voice to sound half-way respectable, like me — then the I Am T-Pain application for iPhone is your ticket. By incorporating Auto-Tune technology (secret sauce, compliments of Antares Audio Technologies), anyone’s voice is enhanced, sounding as if it came from a recording studio. Marry that to Smule’s real-time audio processing, and you’re on your way to earning a platinum record…or at least some free beverages when you become the hit of the party using I Am T-Pain. Read More about Smule and T-Pain Bring Auto-Tune to Your iPhone

App Review: Leaf Trombone: World Stage — Like American Idol But With Leaves

title=Leaf Trombone

Learn to play the leaf trombone, perform your repertoire before a global audience, and prepare to be judged.

Since the App Store’s launch last year, Smule has been steadily building an impressive portfolio of sound-based social apps for the iPhone. With Dr. Ge Wang — an assistant professor in Music and Acoustics — at the helm, among a smattering of clever and fun sonic toys, their biggest hit to date has been the multi-award winning Ocarina.
Smule’s latest app, Leaf Trombone: World Stage, is a social musical instrument designed specifically for the iPhone. Players can download new songs and perform before a judging panel of other leaf trombonists. Read More about App Review: Leaf Trombone: World Stage — Like American Idol But With Leaves

Five Developers React to iPhone 3.0

With all the big announcements from Apple’s (s aapl) iPhone briefing yesterday, the web has been abuzz with talk about the impact this will have on the iPhone. I managed to corner a few iPhone developers that have paid releases out in the app store now to get their first reaction to the news.


smuleThe team at Smule, the people who brought us Ocarina, Sonic Lighter, and Zephyr, were featured in the briefing with Apple yesterday. They demoed a new app that will take advantage of the peer-to-peer API’s in the iPhone 3.0 SDK.

Yeah, we offered a sneak peak of our new product, Leaf Trombone: World Stage, the first massive multi-player social music game (that’s a mouthful sir). We demonstrated a duet over their new Peer-to-peer API. In effect, this allows to devices to discover and pair, regardless of wifi/cell, etc. The discovery capability is quite neat. And the bandwidth is pretty darn good.

Ge and David performed “Phantom of the Opera” as a duet over bluetooth on two iPhones, which everyone can now enjoy by streaming the presentation. Of course, we haven’t seen all the magic that has become possible with the iPhone 3.0 SDK.

We have held back some of the more significant components of the leaf trombone for when we launch the product…

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