Data showing most people dumping iOS Maps seems legit

Last week Snappli, a data compression app, found that among 5,000 of its iOS users, many quickly began using Apple Maps only to see 1 in 25 such users keep using it. Some questioned the data and today Snappli explains the methodology it used.

After fast uptake, Apple Maps use plunges to 1 in 25 iOS owners

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has already apologized for the quality of Maps in iOS 6, which certainly acknowledges the issue. But how big of an issue is it? According to data from Snappli’s iOS app, people quickly adopted Apple Maps only to leave it even faster.

With $1M in new funding, Snappli keeps iPhones saving data

As unlimited data plans disappear, consumers need new data-savings solutions. Snappli is the latest to out a mobile service that cuts down on data use through compression techniques; the free software, available today, works on iOS and saves data for the web, apps and even videos.