SOASTA buys LogNormal to beef up mobile app testing

The two companies were already working together on mPulse when they decided a deal was in order. The new product aims to give mobile and web developers a real-time look at how their apps are perfroming in the field, said SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos.

How NASA battle-tested its Mars rover live stream

With millions of viewers expected to watch history Sunday night, NASA couldn’t afford to let the live stream of its Mars rover Curiosity landing go untested. Here’s how NASA put its Amazon Web Services-based infrastructure through its paces to ensure it keeps up with demand.

SOASTA, the granddaddy of cloud testing, gets $12M

SOASTA has raised a $12 million Series D round as a throng of competitors jockeys for position behind it. SOASTA’s vision of using cloud resources for load testing is very relevant today as new applications web, mobile and even Facebook applications pop up by the minute.

When TV Spots Cause Traffic Spikes, Broadcast Turns to the Cloud

A single, well-placed TV spot can rapidly direct millions of visitors to a site, creating traffic spikes most advertisers and broadcasters would struggle to cope with — and a potential headache for those tasked with keeping those sites online and responsive. But that’s a near-perfect use case for the ‘elastic’ nature of cloud computing.

The $899, 17-inch iMac for Education: Still Here, Always Has Been

imac17News “broke” over the weekend via a leak from Apple (s aapl) itself that the company still offers the low-end iMac model with a smaller, 17-inch screen, though it is available exclusively for education customers. The news came via the Apple eNews for Education newsletter for March, although clicking the “Buy” link from the iMac page does not reveal the option to buy a 17-inch model, at least not in the U.S. education store where I attempted it. It’s still there, but you may have to try to get a quote for a bulk purchase as an educational institution to find it.
Maybe it’s because the iMac is so tricky to find that the story got picked up so quickly over the weekend, and by so many different outlets, but readers were quick to point out that the “news” of a possible $899 iMac was in fact not news at all, since the model has been available at that price point since 2006. In fact, rather than being the deal of the century, the iMac priced at $899 is actually probably one of the least appealing value propositions available from Apple, unless you want an old white plastic model to keep sealed in a box in the hopes that it will become a priceless collector’s item in 20 years time. Read More about The $899, 17-inch iMac for Education: Still Here, Always Has Been

SOASTA Raises $6.4M to Test in the Cloud

Software testing provider SOASTAhas closed a $6.4 million Series B financing from Formative Ventures, Canaan Partners and The Entrepreneur’s Fund, bringing the total amount of money it’s raised to $10 million.

Werner Vogels Explains Amazon Web Services’ Philosophy

One of the questions that I really wanted to get answered at Structure 08 was what the chances of survival are for the myriad of startups out there building their businesses around Amazon’s Web Services. Companies such as RightScale, Hyperic and Soasta depend on both the success of AWS and its shortcomings — the solutions to which they propose to offer. So I sat down with the online retailer’s CTO, Werner Vogels, to see how Amazon viewed this ecosystem. My takeaway? I think most of the these firms are safe. Read More about Werner Vogels Explains Amazon Web Services’ Philosophy