Delicious hopes new taste will prove a hit

Sold by Yahoo to the founders of YouTube, social bookmarking service Delicious is one of the great survivors of Web 2.0. But can a revamp convince new users to bookmark the web — and keep the old ones happy at the same time?

Replace Your Browser Bookmarks With iCyte

Lately, I’ve depended on Evernote’s web clipping tools. After writing about the Cliqset’s integration with Evernote, iCyte came to my attention. It’s a new social bookmarking tool that enables you to capture Cytes (web pages) for later reference.

WWD Screencast: Toobla

Toobla is a new social bookmarking service that lets you collect groups of sites together into neat visual folders that you can then easily share with others via a shortened URL or embeddable widget. While it seems to be largely aimed at the consumer market, for web workers, I think it could be useful for sharing collections of inspirational sites during a design project, for example, or resources during a research project. I recorded a screencast showing how it works:

Let us know your thoughts on Toobla in the comments. Do you think it offers advantages over, say, Delicious?

Diigo Adds More Research and Collaboration Features

Diigo_logoWhen Mike reviewed social bookmarking, research and collaboration service Diigo last year, he liked its simplicity, its connections with other services, and its wealth of features. Since then, the social bookmarking field has continued to mature; witness the recent purchase of Friendfeed by Facebook, and the numerous ways that bookmarks can be shared on social networks. Even MySpace is getting into the act by syncing posts with Twitter!

diigo-research-annotateSo how can a lesser-known app like Diigo compete? The latest version of Diigo has just gone live, and from what I can tell, it’s growing beyond social bookmarking and going for the “kitchen-sink” approach: Add as many features as possible, so that no matter what a user wants, it’ll be there. Among the list of new features are a few that caught my eye: Read More about Diigo Adds More Research and Collaboration Features