For Zynga, success lies in the first three clicks

What your mother told you still holds true, even online: First impressions matter. Zynga aspires to make all its games pass what the company calls the “three click” test with games that people can enjoy and get hooked on within the first three mouse clicks.

6waves Lolapps puts up $10M to fund the next big gaming app

6waves Lolapps, the newly-merged company that develops and publishes games for Facebook and other social networks, has launched a $10 million fund to invest in independent game developers. The 6L Fund is part of 6waves Lolapps’ play to become the”clear number two” to Zynga.

Zynga hit with another patent lawsuit

Social gaming giant Zynga is the subject of a new patent infringement lawsuit, the latest in a string of such claims. Now that Zynga is under a microscope as it moves toward an IPO, will its legal troubles be too much for potential investors to handle?

Zynga’s ‘Words with Friends’ is coming to Facebook

Zynga is bringing its popular Scrabble-esque mobile game Words With Friends to Facebook, the company announced Monday. This represents the first time that Zynga has extended a mobile-only game to Facebook — showing that despite its diversification efforts, Zynga’s dependence on the social network remains strong.

Electronic Arts swallows PopCap Games for $750 million

Electronic Arts announced it is buying casual and mobile game developer PopCap Games for $750 million as it looks to speed up its evolution toward being a digital purveyor of games. EA is moving quickly away to embrace the opportunity in social and mobile gaming.

Shadow Cities casts location gaming spell over Europe

Shadow Cities sounds like a car crash of trendy ideas — an iPhone game that uses your location and network to draw a playing surface onto the real world. In fact the game, which has just added 13 territories in Europe, is great fun.

Apple might not get social, but Facebook doesn’t get mobile apps

Facebook is reportedly planning on launching an HTML5-based web app platform codenamed Project Spartan in order to take on Apple in the mobile app market. It’s the obvious play for a company that lives on the web, but here’s why it won’t work for mobile users.

Social Gaming Meets Dating in CupidsPlay

CupidsPlay, a new startup, is looking to leverage the power of social games to bring potential matches together. The site, which is officially launching today, believes that social games can be the bridge that helps singles break the ice.