Weathering the Storm with Mobile Tech

Millions in the northeast U.S. are under blankets of snow that have shut down many cities. Although trapped in the home by the storm, the use of mobile tech can make that experience easier with proper planning. Here’s how to weather the storm with tech.

Can Social Games Make More Money?

Brian ReynoldsSocial games attract tens of millions of players on Facebook and other networks, but compared with traditional PC and console-based games, they make a lot less money, a challenge impeding the genre’s growth. While millions of “hardcore” gamers willingly pay $60 per title and $15 in monthly subscriptions for an MMO like World of Warcraft, the average monthly revenue per user for even the biggest social games is estimated to be $1 to $2. When it comes to getting consumers excited enough to pull out their wallets, old-school game makers still have the advantage. Which is why I was so intrigued by news that social gaming giant Zynga recently hired veteran game developer Brian Reynolds as the company’s chief designer. Read More about Can Social Games Make More Money?

Heyzap Hops Onto the Virtual Goods Bandwagon

heyzap When Heyzap, the San Francisco-based startup that offers up casual, Flash-based games for publishers to embed to their sites, launched back in January, revenue was being generated by the short ads shown before its games. But as the economic downturn tightened its grip and the online advertising market continued to flounder, Heyzap founders Immad Akhund and Jude Gomila saw the need for a different revenue model. So last week they rolled out Heyzap Payments. Read More about Heyzap Hops Onto the Virtual Goods Bandwagon

Social Gaming in 2009: Challenges and Opportunities

pet-society-by-playfishStartups associated with social gaming were all the funding rage in 2008. (Think SGN’s $15 million last May, for example, or the $17 million that went to Playfish in October.) And though executives with casual game startups recently told me they’re confident they’ll survive this recession, the challenges and opportunities for social games, which still primarily exist on major social networks, are considerably different. So what about the coming year worries and excites top execs in the social gaming space most? Read More about Social Gaming in 2009: Challenges and Opportunities

Boxee Adds Netflix Streaming Capabilities

Boxee, the open source media center, today added Netflix (S NFLX) capabilities, allowing you to browse the titles available for streaming, manage your Watch Instantly queue and stream movies directly to your TV.

The Truth About the Biz of Casual Games

The casual games market is booming, with over $2.25 billion in yearly revenue despite virtually no brick-and-mortar representation or advertising and marketing costs. But it’s also a market that is quickly becoming saturated, and like any content market, it’s dependent on a large number of unpredictable forces. Click To Read Full Story