Why Zynga gave up on gambling

Social game maker Zynga surprised investors with news that it will give up plans to seek a license to offer gambling in the U.S.. According to one source, the plan may have been a longshot all along.

Can a new database help get Zynga back on track?

Zynga has deployed nearly 100 nodes of MemSQL, the hot new database from two former Facebook engineers. It might not be a magic pill for Zynga’s woes, but it could help the company boost revenue and even build new types of games.

Derby Jackpot is off to the races with real-money social gaming

Bridging the gap between hardcore horse-betting and social gaming, New York-based Derby Jackpot is beta testing an online game that lets players bet real money on live horse races. The launch comes as social gaming giant Zynga also makes inroads in real money social gaming.