Evolve or go extinct: The future of work

I will be co-presenting with Bob Zukis, the CEO of Bloomfire and author of Social Inc., for a webinar Thursday 21 August 2014 from 12pm to 1pm Eastern Time. We will be talking about the skills, tools, and practices that individuals and organizations should be evaluating to get out ahead of the changes in business, and the economy. Register here.

We will touch on topics like these:

  • What do high-performing teams and individuals do differently?
  • How can innovation be accelerated?
  • What in the new way of work requires new tools?
  • How can businesses leverage the ‘wisdom of crowds’ — employees, customers, partners and the marketplace — to improve products and services.

We’ll be offering three recommendations that companies can act on now to confront a drastically changing future of work. Register here and receive new GigaOm Research entitled, “Future of Work: Collaboration and the Trust of Teams” by David Coleman, GigaOm analyst, and Managing Director, Collaborative Strategies.

Bob Zukis, Bloomfire CEO

Bob Zukis Headshot 2013Bob is a social business leader with decades of experience leading, managing and growing startups and multi-country business services and software companies across four continents and 20 countries. He was previously a PwC advisory partner and held executive positions as CEO and president of PwC Unifi KK Networks and managing partner for Asia Pacific Global HR Solutions. Bob currently serves as senior fellow with the Conference Board and is author of the new best-selling book Social, Inc.