Back to the Future: Reviewing Social Media Trends

I enjoy looking at previous “predictions” and see what actually happened. Here’s what I predicted in my 2010 post on trends in social media and the outcome as of the end of the year. I’m also providing additional thoughts on trends to watch in 2011.

Why You Should Have a Social Media Calendar

When I hear about the processes companies are using to engage in social media-based conversations and communities, I’m a bit surprised that many lack any kind of strategy or written plan. While I’m a firm believer in the need for both spontaneity and frequency in social media-enabled communications, I also believe that whenever a company decides to adopt new communications tools, they need to start with the basics of Marketing and Communications 101:

  • What are your business objectives?
  • Who is your audience (target market)?
  • What do you hope this communication will help your company achieve?
  • How will you measure your efforts?

Once you think through the business basics, the next steps are identifying the right tools to reach the right audience(s) in the right ways, and then determining what your company is going to do once you stick start participating in social networks, on blogs, and in other online communities. Read More about Why You Should Have a Social Media Calendar