Twitter offers analytics to try and prove its value

Twitter’s launch of an analytics dashboard that shows who is interacting with a site’s content and when is clearly designed to try and prove to advertisers and publishers its effectiveness as a distribution and engagement platform, as Twitter tries to monetize its growing network.

Facebook pushes privacy with sweeping redesign

Facebook is poised to roll out a sweeping new redesign that places a significantly stronger emphasis on user privacy. The new features, which Facebook says have been in development long before the launch of Google+, will start to appear to web app users on Thursday.

It’s official: Facebook is the 21st century Nielsen family

Thanks to a new product from Nielsen and Facebook, the Internet could be on the cusp of become a first-class citizen in the advertising world for good. But there’s just one problem: Do Facebook users want to be part of a Nielsen family?

For the lulz: Have we traded protest for performance?

The turmoil created by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has pulled back the curtain on the cosy relationship between politicians, police and the media. But those who are angriest seem reduced to stunts — hacking websites and throwing pies. Is this really the best we can do?

Where to watch the Murdoch testimony live online

Members of the U.K. parliament will be grilling Rupert Murdoch and his son James Murdoch about the phone hacking scandal today, and they will surely also have some tough questions for Murdoch’s former News International executive Rebekah Brooks. The full-length testimony will be streamed online.

Does Google+ solve the privacy problem or make it worse?

Its fans say Google+ improves on Facebook in terms of privacy protections, because it allows you to filter people into groups or “Circles.” But is this really a big improvement? Not everyone is convinced it is — some argue that it actually makes things worse.

Get your hands off that contact info, says Facebook

Facebook has shut down a service from Open-Xchange that allowed users to export the email addresses of their contacts, which makes the Germany company the latest to run afoul of the social network’s ongoing attempts to maintain control over the information of its users.

Social Media 2011: Privacy Puzzles, Search Will Stick Around

No set of fearless year-end predictions would be complete without also examining the expectations for what won’t happen in the coming year, despite the hype certain trends might generate. In the world of social media there are a few milestones we’re not betting on for 2011.