This coming Monday, Exfm shuts down for good

Music discovery startup Exfm announced this week that it will shut down for good on May 19. Exfm first announced that it was going to shut down late last year, at the time blaming “the litigious nature of the music industry” as one of the reason it called quits. However, in January, it just kept going, alluding at the possibility of a partnership. Now, it looks like that partnership won’t include the current service. In a blog post, Exfm’s executive team put it this way: “We are very excited for what’s next and believe we will ultimately provide you with the best music service in the seven kingdoms.”

Grooveshark is relaunching as a social music network

Grooveshark relaunched its music service with a much bigger emphasis on activity streams and other social features Thursday night, and company representatives told us that they have big plans in store that should help artists to make more money — because streaming alone doesn’t make anyone rich.

BBM Music helps RIM dance through its transition

Research In Motion’s BBM Music service moved from beta to general availability on Tuesday, allowing BBM friends to share music tracks. This is clever, adding new value to the old BBM service as RIM continues to transition from BlackBerry to its new BBX operating system.

How to stream Spotify to Apple TV and iOS devices

One thing that iTunes has over Spotify’s online music service is its wireless connectivity to the Apple TV. But it is actually possible to get the same kind of connectivity with Spotify, and use it from any room in your house. Here’s how.

Hands on with Spotify for mobile devices

Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming services in Europe and other regions, today launched in the U.S., as expected. But mobile users will have to pay for the Premium plan, a $9.99 monthly subscription. What features do you get and is it worth it?

Confirmed: Spotify US will launch Thursday

UPDATED. Spotify U.S. is now in T-minus territory. A spokesperson for Spotify has confirmed that the popular European on-demand music streaming service will be available stateside on Thursday morning. GigaOM reported last month that Spotify’s U.S. launch would occur in mid-July.

Who needs iTunes? HP TouchPad has HP Play

HP hasn’t introduced the rumored music store and streaming service for its line of webOS devices, but it does have an application that currently syncs music to the HP TouchPad tablet and Veer smartphone. HP Play, for Windows and OS X, shows promise and works well.

Hands on with Amazon Cloud Player for iPad

Amazon’s online music storage and streaming service sounds great on Android devices or a desktop browser. Apple devices have been left in the cold until now however: here’s a first look at Amazon’s Cloud Player for the iPad’s browser, which despite a few shortcomings, shows promise.

Why music won’t be Facebook’s next billion-dollar business

Facebook’s master plan for music — as revealed by Om — sounds cool, but it will be tough for Facebook to make a fortune off it. That’s because 1) there’s a limited opportunity for music subscriptions, 2) Facebook doesn’t charge rent, 3) the margins in digital music sales are terrible and 4) the best advertising opportunity is challenging.