Reddit clocked 56 billion pageviews in 2013

Get ready for this: Reddit had 56 billion pageviews and 731 million unique visitors¬†this year, according to a post published on the official Reddit blog.¬† Possibly even more remarkable: The site had more than 40 million posts in 2013, and the most-read post only had 3.6 million pageviews, meaning that a whole lot of activity came from the long tail. Maybe Reddit should change its tagline to “the 731 million front pages of the internet”?

LinkedIn confirms purchase of social news reader Pulse

Social news reader site Pulse is now officially joining LinkedIn, with both companies noting the startup’s success at bringing readers the news they care about, which fits into LinkedIn’s increasing media business.

7 stories to read this weekend

The D2C generation, student debt, Mike Matheny’s tragic story, the problem with social news and the amazingly talented Dualtone records are some of the stories on the menu this week.

Buzzfeed aims for more viral ads with purchase of Kingfish Labs

Social news site Buzzfeed has acquired Kingfish Labs, a New York startup that processes natural language on Facebook to determine user interests. Buzzfeed said it plans to apply Kingfish’s technology to optimize ad targeting for its brand clients on social networks.

Friendster founder launches social-news app, but will it fly?

Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams has launched a news-filtering service called Nuzzel that is powered by social-networking activity. But while his previous ventures have been early to the market, his new offering suffers from the opposite problem — the market is already saturated with similar services.