Watch out, Google — Facebook’s social search is coming

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the social network is already handling a billion search queries per day, and that it is interested in launching a social search engine powered by the activity of its users — something that could turn out to be Google’s worst nightmare.

Digitalsmiths adds social search and recommendations

Digitalsmiths has added social recommendations to its product offering, creating a more comprehensive way for users to search and discover videos. That technology brings in real-time data from Twitter and other social networks, to help users choose shows based on what everyone’s talking about.

Facebook picks fight with Google over who is more evil

A team of developers led by Facebook’s Blake Ross has launched a browser plugin called “Don’t be evil” they claim presents Google’s search more fairly — but is this a war Facebook can win, or just a chance to make cheap PR points against Google?

Who loses in the war between Google and Twitter? Users

Google and Twitter are sniping at each other over social search, but the reality is that both sides are being disingenuous. The real issue is about control over social content, and users of both services are the ones who wind up losing in the end.

Is Google+ starting to get on Facebook’s nerves?

Google’s launch of social games for Google+ seems to have struck a nerve at Facebook, with one executive dismissing the offering as an inconsequential copycat effort. That and other moves make it clear the competition is keeping Facebook awake at night, which is a good thing.