Social Media Melding: Marketing and Customer Service Collaborate

The inclination in many organizations is to put social media monitoring into marketing or public relations. But is that the right move? I recently spoke with Ross Daniels, Director of Marketing for Cisco, about the challenges of deploying social media monitoring tools inside a larger enterprise.

5 Reasons Why Corporate Social Tools Fail

While millions of people interact daily in public-facing social media channels, there are a growing number of internal social media solutions for the enterprise, becoming modern-day intranets. But do these systems work? And why might trying to bring social tools inside your gated corporate walls fail?

6 Social Media Pain Points (and What to Do About Them)

You may love social media, but even the biggest fans of the social web will find some sources of frustration. What is your social media pain point? I thought I’d explore some of the main ones I’ve identified and offer up some potential solutions.

Back to the Future: Reviewing Social Media Trends

I enjoy looking at previous “predictions” and see what actually happened. Here’s what I predicted in my 2010 post on trends in social media and the outcome as of the end of the year. I’m also providing additional thoughts on trends to watch in 2011.

8 Reasons Not to Fear Social Media

Just the other day, someone told me that they are afraid of social media; they have no Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. I’ve compiled this list of eight reasons why you shouldn’t fear social media for anyone who is still apprehensive about using these tools.

Do You Need Those Other Social Networks?

You may not be as prone to excess as I am, yet you are probably still saddled with accounts at networks you thought would be “the next big thing” but is now a social media ghost town. But what should you do with all these accounts?

What’s Wrong With Facebook’s New Profiles

Facebook has released a new Facebook Profile. As usual, the changes seem pretty arbitrary, but Facebook appears to have moved in the direction of a profile that blends your professional life and your personal life, and I feel strongly that this is a mistake.

How Much Time Does Social Media Marketing Take?

In 2008, Beth Kanter blogged about how much time it should take to implement social media. She created a diagram to illustrate the main social media activities and the hours per week it takes to implement them. I’ve created my own up-to-date version of the figure.

Social Media Nomenclature, Then and Now

I’ve been thinking about what this year has meant for social media marketing and how things have changed. I came across one of my posts from 2008 where I tried to find category names for social media tools; it’s interesting to see how they have evolved.

11 Practical Business Uses for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Are you looking to convince a colleague or a client of the value of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? Here’s a list of some basic ways you can use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for specific business activities. No bells, no whistles, just business.