15 Very Useful Mobile Apps for Conferences

Conferences can be overwhelming. Here are 15 apps that are incredibly useful to have at events, covering everything from helping you to meet interesting people and apps built for specific conferences, to location-based social networks and QR code readers to grab people’s contact details.

Find More Events Through Social Event Discovery

Looking for an interesting new event to attend? Having trouble finding events, other than the ones you and your immediate friends or colleagues already know about? Going the “old-fashioned” route of finding new events through Google searches? If so, you may benefit from social event discovery.

6 Ways to Revive a Dead Social Media Channel

Bringing a stagnant social media channel back from the dead requires more than just posting to it again and hoping your connections didn’t notice your absence. Each channel will require different resuscitation techniques. Here are some steps to take to breathe some life back into them.

15 Easy-to-Use Apps for Adding Multimedia to Twitter

I love Twitter, but one thing I admit can be lacking from the service is that it doesn’t allow for embedded images, audio or video in the Twitter stream. Still, there are plenty of apps to help you to integrate multimedia into your tweets.

You Can Stop the Social Media Hype

Don’t trust anyone who says they’ll reveal the “secrets of social media.” There are no secrets of social media. As someone who has seen the bubble of the early web and new media business burst, I’m feeling a sense of deja vu.

8 Things You May Not Know About Facebook

Even those of us who use Facebook for business are hard-pressed to keep up. In the last few weeks, I’ve learned more about Facebook through trial and error (and my Twitterstream) than I ever have from Facebook’s communications. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

6 Ways to Avoid a Social Media Meltdown

Because social media cannot be “controlled,” the thought of putting marketing messages out into the social web strikes fear in the hearts of many. Without control, how do you avert or manage a crisis that bubbles over and could explode on Twitter, Facebook and the like?

Rethinking the Value of Social Media: Measurement

In last week’s installment of “Rethinking the Value of Social Media,” I discussed how social media marketing is not a pure numbers game. In this post, I’d like to talk more specifically about re-framing the way we think about the measurement of social media efforts.

8 Social Media Pet Peeves (and What to Do About Them)

As more people adopt social media tools for communications, there is bound to be some chaos as everyone clamors to the microphone. With that chaos comes annoyances: abrasive, aggressive, off-target, inappropriate actions or interactions that really grate on your nerves. What can you do about them?

5 Ways to Attract Attentive Friends, Fans and Followers

You are engaging in social media channels and building a following. But when you tweet or post a status update, you get crickets. Why isn’t anyone responding to you? And what are some effective ways to get more actively engaged friends, fans and followers (FFFs)?