Don’t Silo Social Media Marketing

Bringing in a new agency can be fraught with pitfalls, but the most common seems to be the creation of “silos.” Your other agencies can cut out the new guys from key conversations so your social media marketing team can’t properly integrate their work.

10 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Page

Last year, I looked into the way companies are using Enhanced Facebook Pages as a way to beef up the branding and interactivity available with Facebook’s default Page settings. On my company blog, I explored the enhanced Pages of companies such as Starbucks and The Gap.

Identifying Your Social Media Triad

I think of my Social Media Triad: Three social networks where I’m building a good following and where I can do the bulk of my promoting. Everything else is the icing, while those three places are the cake. My triad consists of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

24 iPhone Apps to Improve Your Social Networking

The near-ubiquitous access to collaborative communities, social networks and communications tools that my iPhone apps provide is actually improving my ability to network more frequently with my friends, fans, followers and contacts. Here’s a handy list of community and communications iPhone apps to help you network.

10 Social Media Marketing Questions Answered

I recently spoke at the Creative Freelancer Conference in Denver (part of the How Design Conference) and led a “Lunch and Learn” table discussion. I asked the attendees to write down their burning questions about social media marketing.

5 Problems With Measuring Social Marketing

For weeks now, I’ve been struggling with offering social media marketing services to clients and being charged with coming up with some rational, defensible measurement system, so that someone, somewhere can justify their company or organization’s foray into using social networks, blogs and the like.

How to Know a Good Fan on Facebook

It seem that many of us are so focused on our own presences in social networks that there is little talk about what we expect from our friends, fans and followers. My own company has been hyper-focused, however, on our clients’ FFFs, particularly “fans” on Facebook.