TripAdvisor gets more social by buying Wanderfly

TripAdvisor is buying social travel and inspiration site Wanderfly in a bid to get more social. Wanderfly offers a visual, Pinterest-for-travel design. The acquisition may suggest more consolidation in the social travel market.

Tripbirds takes another swoop at social travel

After trying its hand as a pure-play social recommendations service, travel website Tripbirds has relaunched with a strong focus on hotel booking. But will its smart look and Facebook integration be enough to help it overcome the vast amount of competition and expertise out there?

Tripl turns your friends’ travels into visual stories

Social travel startup Tripl, part of the latest DreamIt Ventures NY accelerator class, has built a personalized filtering service that ingests your friends’ Facebook and Foursquare feeds and organizes their travel data into stories on a timeline, so you can see where your friends are visiting.

Gogobot gets visual with new Pinspired redesign

Social travel service Gogobot, is putting big pictures front and center as part of a new Pinterest-like web site redesign. But the company said it’s doing more than just helping people discover new places. It gives them the tools to get there too.

Social travel sites start to rethink their tactics

Twigmore, a social travel service built on Facebook, is pivoting into more of a global friend-finding service as it builds off the success of a standalone hit feature. It’s the latest example of services finding that a focus on social travel may not be enough to survive.

Tripbirds is gorgeous, but can social travel fly?

Swedish startup Tripbirds wants to bring its stylish approach to bear on the social travel market. But with so many services around, and so few obvious winners, is there even a market worth competing for?