Socialcam hits 2M downloads, adds filters to video sharing app

Before today, Socialcam was already the leading video sharing application available for the iPhone. But it’s getting even better with a pretty fantastic update to its app that adds filters, and will let users add a little color to their videos. adds Hulu to its social video recommendations

Things are heating up in the social video recommendations space, as startups seek to become the Pandora of online video. One of them — — just got some huge validation from Hulu, which is now allowing its videos to be viewed in the startup’s recommendation system.

Tout goes beyond the iPhone with webcam video sharing

Social video service Tout is taking a big step to broadening usage, with new capabilities that will allow users to share moments with friends even if they don’t have its iPhone app. It’s also improved communications between users, with the ability to reply to friends’ videos.

Blaming the tools: Britain proposes a social-media ban

It seems totalitarian states like Egypt aren’t the only ones struggling with the impact of social media and the desire to muzzle services like Twitter and Facebook. Britain says it’s considering a ban on social media in the wake of the riots in London.

How to succeed on Broadway? Mix Facebook, fans and video

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying is making a big push on Facebook, with a contest to find its biggest fan by asking users to record video testimonials. Those testimonials become great word-of-mouth advertising for other potential theater goers.

Vlix gets more social and adds effects

The list of video-sharing apps in the Apple App Store continues to grow, with a number of startups all seeking to become the “Instagram of video.” To compete, Vlix has added and improved on a number of social features within its video-sharing app.

Showyou now lets you save videos and watch them online later

Showyou is updating its iPad and iPhone apps to make the consumption of videos shared on social networks easier. In particular, Showyou gets “watch later” capability, as well as its own website and a bookmarklet for video sharing. Next up for Showyou: an Android app.

Bye-Bye 15 Minutes of Fame: Tout Gives You 11 Seconds

With a website and a mobile app, Tout aims to connect people through user video streams and by hooking into Twitter and Facebook. There’s just one catch: these shareable moments on video can be no more than 11 seconds. It may not be enough time.