Apple and the iPad: Beyond Good and Evil

A battle is raging in the blogosphere about whether Apple’s new iPad is good or evil, since it is a closed and proprietary platform with a locked-down content system built in. But the iPad is unlikely to mean the end of hacker culture.

Yahoo’s Big Plan for the Social Web in 2010: Aggregate It

Yahoo wants to aggregate its users’ activities from around the web, something it’s laying the groundwork for with its pre-announced Facebook Connect integration, a key feature called Yahoo Updates, and the unification of all its applications onto a platform layer.

Introducing GigaOM Pro’s Analyst Relations Program

Today we launched our new Analyst Relations Program. Designed to fully leverage GigaOM Pro’s interactive platform, the program gives analyst relations professionals a way to access our research and enables them to engage in substantive dialogue about important issues to their company and about their industry.

Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation

Conv_Comm_CoverI first heard the buzz on Ann Gentle’s book “Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation” last summer during the lead up to its publication, and followed it online until I was able to order it. While the target audience of the book is technical writers, the book has value to web workers of all stripes. The book is practical, up to date and isn’t just a “me too” social media tome.

Too many technical writing books and periodicals take an academic approach to the subject matter, which isn’t useful for readers who need real world advice to get their job done. Gentle’s practical approach opens the book up to anyone seeking to engage with their potential and existing customers online. Read More about Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation

Today in Social

The news of MIT’s Facebook study today highlights a growing incompatibility between the social web and our traditional notions of privacy. And it lends more plausibility to a new Wired magazine cover story (not online yet), which urges, “Forget privacy.”

How Will We Access the Next-Gen Web?

As the web evolves, a diverse collection of players are all jockeying to be the primary access point to it, the unifying nexus of information and communication with the direct line to the end user. Social networks, web-connected desktop applications, email, blogs and browsers are among those competing for a pole position — but is access to the NextWeb really a winner-take-all competition?

Digging Deeper Into DandyID

DandyID-logoIn a great post from a couple of weeks ago, Charles wrote about some options for managing many online identities. As we branch out and use more and more services on the social web, sites like DandyID, GizaPage and Retaggr, which can help us to keep things organized and assemble together all of the parts that make up our online brand, are only going to become more popular.
Charles liked the wide array of services you could claim with DandyID, along with its handy Facebook integration. I’ve been a user of DandyID for a while now, so I wanted to dig a bit deeper into what it has to offer and what differentiates it from the other providers in this space that I’ve looked at.
Read More about Digging Deeper Into DandyID