Amazon pitches better-than-ever cloud deals

Amazon is offering customers unprecedented deals to stick with its cloud services. Some big companies can get annual “true up” deals while many report incentives to use reserved, rather than on-demand, instances. And Amazon is making an effort to keep startups in the fold.

Amazon outages — lessons learned

Two big Amazon outages over the past month certainly got everyone’s attention. Here are three tactical measures cloud users should take to minimize damage from future cloud computing snafus. Broadly, the outages also ratchet up pressure for companies to move to multiple clouds.

SoftLayer says its cloud beats Amazon in online gaming. Here’s why.

As great as shared cloud infrastructure can be, online game workloads often demand dedicated physical servers in addition to heavily virtualized, shared cloud servers. That’s where SoftLayer says it differentiates itself from other big cloud players including market leader Amazon Web Services.

Meet the cloud behind your favorite apps (and it’s not AWS)

You might have heard of SoftLayer, but if you’re like me, you probably didn’t know the cloud provider is hosting operations for some of the web’s hottest apps. Among them are Tumblr, OMGPOP, SendGrid and even Heroku. You learn something new every day.

It’s not about shared vs. dedicated. It’s about the application

Enterprise users have different reasons and preferences for deciding between shared and dedicated resources in the cloud. But most shouldn’t be making those decisions based on the infrastructure, but based on the application that they’re trying to run, execs at GigaOM’s Structure conference said.

SimpleCDN Takedown: A Cautionary Tale for Resellers?

SimpleCDN’s 5,000-plus customers have seen their service be disrupted after its data center provider changed its terms of service and began pulling its servers. But does the fault lie with SimpleCDN for not diversifying its network better to avoid such an outage?