5 keys to selling to enterprise customers (part one)

IT is loosening its chokehold on software purchasing decisions and consumer-like products are finding their way into enterprise software. These changes are generating unprecedented opportunities for software startups. GoInstant’s CEO Jevon MacDonald lists the key questions startups should consider before selling into the enterprise market.

Hardware accelerator gives mobile owners new set of tools

Accelerators and incubators are now launching plenty of new software startups into the tech world, but fewer programs target companies looking to build cool new pieces of hardware. HAXLR8R, an accelerator specifically designed for hardware startups, debuted its first class of nine projects on Monday.

Six degrees of Larry Ellison [Infographic]

Some people just seem to have “it” — that spark that makes them seem like they have an inside track on everything and everyone worth knowing. There’s no question that, in the technology industry, Oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison is one of those people.