Apple settles into the set-top

The swapped-out Apple TV components suggest Apple expects to be cranking out more or less the same set-top box for some time yet. The new components consist of chips it is already buying in bulk for other products. It’s a cost-savings move, in other words, aimed at making the manufacturing and supply chain of the current Apple TV set-top a little more efficient.

T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2 next to get multiwindow feature

It looks like AT&T’s Galaxy Note 2 will be the last to get the unique multi-window feature in the U.S. Sprint and Verizon devices already have it and T-Mobile announced that its version will see it become available starting this week, if all goes to plan.

Samsung Galaxy S and Tab may yet get Android 4.0

Samsung is reportedly in discussions to offer Android 4.0 software upgrades to its Galaxy S smartphones and Galaxy Tab slates. Perhaps Samsung’s TouchWiz software is slimmed down or eliminated, which may not be a problem. Getting carriers to support such an upgrade, however, may be.

Kindle Fire no longer blocks Android Market website

Earlier this week, I grilled Amazon for attempting to control web browsing activities on its Kindle Fire as the device was blocked from browsing Google’s Android Market website. With the new Kindle Fire software update, Amazon no longer blocks access, which is the right move.

How to manually update the Kindle Fire without a PC

Amazon’s promised software update for its Kindle Fire is now live and rolling out to devices over the air. If you can’t wait and you’re not near a computer to download the software, no worries: You can do it all directly on the Kindle Fire.

iOS 5, iCloud now available to all

Apple promised that iOS 5 and iCloud would be available Oct. 12, and as of 10 a.m. PDT, both are open to the general public. You can download iOS 5 for your device by plugging it into your computer and checking for updates in iTunes.

2010 iPod nano gets new features via software update

Have an existing 2010 iPod nano but want the new Mickey Mouse watch face? Hold off on throwing your current music player in the garbage and hitting the Apple Store; an update is available through iTunes that provides software features demoed on stage today.