NRG embraces CIGS solar tech

Solar Frontier, the largest manufacturer of copper-indium-gallium-selenide (CIGS) solar panels, announced Wednesday that it’s shipped 13.2MW to NRG Solar (s NRG), which is evolving from being a buyer of solar power projects to a developer.

Solar Power Partners Piles On $160M for Solar Financing

It’s easy to get lost in the solar development bubble that is California so it’s always good to be reminded that there are huge markets outside the Golden State. Mill Valley, Calif-based Solar Power Partners, a commercial solar developer, owner and manager, plans to expand nationally using $100 million in equity and debt financing and another $60 million in committed project financing, the company announced Monday.

Founded in 2006, the company has moved quickly; CEO and President Alexander von Welczeck tells us the company has already completed 19 projects. SPP currently has another 22 projects in development that it plans to complete by the end of November, by which time the company expects to have nearly 15 megawatts of installed capacity operating in California, Hawaii, New Jersey and Connecticut. While SPP will be looking to expand nationally, von Welczeck says the Northeast is an area that holds particular promise for SPP. Check out the company’s own solar map to see the layout of it’s projects. (We do love a good solar map!)
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Startups Should Team Up to Grow

[qi:021] Earlier this week, MeeVee, an online television guide, decided to acquire Top Ten Sources, a Boston-based social news and information site. Last night, Next New Networks bought, the production company responsible for Obama Girl, for an undisclosed amount of money. And there is news that Automattic has acquired Gravatar, a small project that gives WordPress users the ability to add avatars to their profiles.

In isolation, these three deals are so marginal and unimportant that you might gloss over them. When taken together, however, they point to a trend that is starting to gather momentum. I have been hearing from many small startups that are looking to either acquire or merge with others in order to bulk up and stay competitive in a very crowded market.

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