Today in Cleantech

Amid all the concerns about the solar power industry as it struggles to adjust to declining photo voltaic (PV) panel prices coupled with subsidy rollbacks, came surprising news that the U.S. is a net exporter of solar technology. Tomorrow’s weekly update will look at the struggles that the domestic solar power industry is experiencing and how it can look to foreign markets for help. The most interesting fact from the report, which came from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association, is that the U.S. is a net exporter of solar goods to China. If U.S. companies can sell into markets like China, they’ll have a very good shot at selling into places like Japan, which has a strong new mandate to purchase renewable energy.

The opportunities for the Internet and clean power

As the digital world and connected devices take over more and more aspects of people’s lives large Internet companies are becoming more and more conscious of the need to invest in clean power and alternative resources.

Turning a building into a solar honeycomb

Fusing solar technology with buildings is an area that tends to invite creative ideas. An intriguing design caught our attention at Intersolar in San Francisco this week: It’s a solar panel with a honeycomb structure that replaces the glass facades of a building.