Solar panel rooftop startup Sungevity raises a whopping $125 million

Following the IPO of solar installer SolarCity last month, Sungevity announced that it’s raised $125 million in a combo of equity and project financing. The company does sales, marketing, system design, and financing for home solar panel systems, which saw a boom year in 2012.

Citi Enters Residential Solar with $40M Fund for SolarCity

Citi isn’t new to investing in solar energy projects, but the bank previously backed solar projects built for businesses and public agencies. But it has now jumped solidly into the residential solar installation market by agreeing to back $40 million in solar installations by SolarCity.

Solar Universe Aims to be McDonald’s of Solar, Raises $7M

As the consumer solar market grows, so will ideas for building a solar retail empire. Solar Universe certainly has that goal in mind, and it’s announcing Tuesday a $7 million equity investment to expand its franchise network.