TriSpecs Stereo Bluetooth Sunglasses: Look Good, Hear Good

I have seen numerous attempts at making Bluetooth Headsets out of sunglasses but none I would even consider wearing in public. That hasn’t changed but the TriSpecs come much closer to hitting the fashion/ function sweet spot.
Gadling has reviewed the TriSpecs and found them to be good, quality headsets in addition to high-quality shades. The earbuds wind up into the shade earpieces and overall they look almost like normal sunglasses. The TriSpecs start at $200 so you’d better be sure you like what you look like before you shell out the bucks.

The Ultimate Mac Browser Roundup

If any one application is near and dear to almost every Mac users heart, it is the web browser. With more applications becoming web based, and web applications becoming more complicated, the browser’s appearance, feel, and most of all performance become even more important. 2008 has been a big year for web browsers, with Firefox 3, Safari 3.1, and several massive improvements in javascript performance. 2009 is poised to be even more impressive in browser achievements, with new versions of most browsers in the works, and the promise of a new player with a big impact, Google Chrome.

Each browser was run through the industry standard Acid3 and SunSpider tests.

If you are looking for choice, performance, feel, or appearance, at least one of the 16 browsers below should fit the bill.
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Solarflare Gets $44M for 10GigE Over Copper

inside_logo_homeToday, chipmaker Solarflare Communications raised $32 million in funding and $12 million in debt for its 10-Gigabit Ethernet over copper chips — bringing its total funding to about $170 million. As I said in June, when it raised $26 million, that’s a lot — even for a chipmaker. The Irvine, Calif.-based startup raised the equity from Oak Investment Partners, Acacia Capital and Anthem Venture Partners, and the debt from an undisclosed firm. Read More about Solarflare Gets $44M for 10GigE Over Copper

Data Centers Will Follow the Sun and Chase the Wind

Data centers’ ability to suck up inordinate amounts of electricity is turning them into the Hummers of the computing world. And much like Hummers, their power-guzzling ways means they are becoming increasingly costly to run. We’ve already covered the efforts of companies to reduce heat, increase server utilization and build green data centers. Now Andrew Hopper, head of the Cambridge University Computing Lab, is working on a solution that could help reduce the demand data centers place on the grid.

Hopper’s vision combines cloud computing and renewable energy: He wants to take electrical transmissions costs out of the equation by placing a data center directly at the site of a renewable energy source and use fiber optic cable to link it to the entity that uses it. Hopper is also the co-founder of Level 5 Networks, which was bought by 10 Gigabit chip maker SolarFlare.

Virtualization and fast Ethernet, which enable services such as Amazon’s EC2, will make Hopper’s idea feasible. The ability to separate the hardware from software through virtualization is what enables computing clouds to exist. Those clouds allow companies, developers or anyone with the ability to tap into that resource, to ship its computing jobs over to Amazon’s servers, no matter where they are located in the world.
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Scientology, A YouTube Sponsor

In the pre-web days, Scientology had it easy — through lawsuits and copyright claims, it was able to keep some measure of control over its message and its portrayal in the media. But it’s no accident that with the Internet’s spread, more and more information about the group has become available, and little of it flattering. And the Church has struck back with force.

YouTube is only the latest front in this battle, with skirmishes stretching back at least a year, including the notable case of stressed BBC reporter vs. Scientology camera crews and of course the epic Tom Cruise recruitment tape/Anonymous battle. But while Scientology’s response rate to new communication methods is a little slow, they’ve finally stepped up their game with a shiny new custom sponsor account:

YouTube - ChurchofScientology_s Channel
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