Solar startup Solexant raises more funds, deserts Oregon loan

So-called “third-generation” ultra-thin film solar company Solexant has amassed another $23.47 million in equity from investors, according to a filing, and at the same time has reportedly abandoned a $25 million loan from the state of Oregon.

GE’s Thin Film Solar Challenge

General Electric has shown no lack of ambition to be a big player in the solar energy market, but how well it’s doing developing cadmium-telluride (CdTe)-based technology — and become a major CdTe solar panel makers — remains a bit of a mystery

SunShot: New DOE Program Seeks Solar At $1/watt

Energy Secretary Steve Chu on Friday said his agency has offered $27.3 million to nine companies through a new initiative — called SunShot — that he said will help cut down solar electricity pricing dramatically, down to $1 per watt, by the end of the decade.

Ditch Solar Manufacturing, Look to Software, Services

Where can solar startups find opportunities when their playground is increasingly dominated by giants from other industries? That’s a question that some Silicon Valley solar company executives and investors have pondered for some time now. The answers are software and services.

Stealth Thin Film Solar Startup Solexant Gearing Up

Solar startup Solexant, which is sometimes stealthy, and sometimes not-so-stealthy, is gearing up to start talking a whole lot more. That’s because according to a filing the company, which was spun out of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, is in the process of raising $65 million.