Hyundai To Launch U.S. Hybrid In 2010

It’s a hybrid party, and everyone is coming. The latest manufacturer to RSVP is Hyundai, the one time Korean upstart that’s become a serious player on the world automotive stage.

Joining Toyota and its benchmark Prius, Camry and Highlander hybrids at the party, along with Honda, maker of the Civic hybrid, Hyundai will be bringing a hybrid version of its popular Sonata sedan to the U.S. in 2010 — also the year that GM will bring its much anticipated Chevy Volt to market. The Hybrid Sonata and the Volt will also share something besides the year of their debutant ball; both will be packing lithium-ion battery technology.

Running vehicles on lithium-ion batteries is a big step, one that really throws down the gauntlet to Toyota’s industry-leading Prius and hybrid Camry and Highlander, all of which use nickel-metal hydride batteries (though the next-gen Prius is likely to have lithium-ion versions). Not that there’s anything wrong with nickel-metal hydride batteries, but lithium-ion technology has advantages, primarily that it’s lighter and charges more quickly.
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MySpace: Internet’s New #1

MySpace is now the number one site in the U.S. in terms of market share of visits says research firm Hitwise. Over the past two weeks Murdoch’s social network grew in market share of visits to reach 4.46% for all Internet visits in the U.S. for the week ending July 8th. The Hitwise stat launches MySpace over Yahoo Mail for the first time. Of course that’s good news for the site’s plans to build a socially integrated media empire.

For the entire month of June, ComScore’s data still places Yahoo over MySpace in terms of visitors, but said that MySpace still grew in both page views and unique visitors. We’ll see when next month’s numbers emerge if the trend stays the same. When it comes to unique visitors, though, MySpace isn’t growing as fast as Yahoo, Time Warner Network, MSN-Microsoft, Google, or eBay–it’s ranked 6th on uniques.

PC Pro reviews two UMPCs for a virtual comparison

Now that I impulsively ordered a Samsung Q1, I’m scouring the web for every review I can find. Most of them provide similar impressions, which is I why I found it interesting to come across two reviews by PC Pro: one of the of the Samsung Q1 and one of the Vusys Dokodemo, which is basically the same as the "eo" model that TabletKiosk and others are offering under different names.

The interesting part is that the same reviewer took the same approach with both devices. When you put the two reviews together by Ross Burridge, you have a virtual-comparison review of the two UMPCs. I won’t draw any conclusions for you; instead, I’ll point you to the reviews and let you comment away. Oh and don’t worry, I can’t keep my comments to myself, so I’m sure to join in.

PC Pro hands on review of the Samsung Q1 (4 out of 6)
PC Pro hands on review of the Vusys Dokodemo (3 out of 6)