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Cozy Coda-Goldman Sachs Connection: Former treasury secretary Henry Paulson, onetime chairman and chief executive of Goldman Sachs, recently invested in electric car startup Coda Automotive and joined the advisory board. Coda’s ties to the firm run deeper than that: CEO Kevin Czinger and co-chairman Steven Heller also spent time at Goldman Sachs. — NYT’s Wheels Blog
Greens (Mostly) Applaud Sotomayor Confirmation: Big environmental advocacy groups are cheering yesterday’s confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. — Grist
Power Line Plays: “Efforts to transform and rebuild our transmission system in the United States are woefully underfunded,” and the way things are going, we may “get caught in a game of chicken to see who’s willing to fund new power lines.” — Business Insider’s Green Sheet
Obama’s Climate Problem: Getting climate legislation passed in Congress “will require compromises aimed at protecting the economies of manufacturing and coal states.” But negotiating an international climate deal “will require measures guaranteeing that rich countries move first to cut emissions.” — NYT’s Dot Earth
Cement Maker Novacem Raises £1M: London-based “carbon-negative” cement maker Novacem has raised more than £1 million ($1.7 million) in equity to help grow its team and complete a pilot plant before the end of 2009. — Cleantech Group

Vid-Biz: Microsoft, Beat, Skyfire

Microsoft Mediaroom Brings Virtualization to IPTV; company says the technology can deliver a six-fold reduction in the number of physical servers needed to run a full IPTV service, reaching 30,000 subscriber homes per market using less than 10 servers. (release)

Samsung, Bebo and Endemol Find their Beat; daily magazine style web series will feature live music, interviews with stars, music news and more. (Guardian)

Skyfire Comes Out of Beta; mobile browser provides full access to features on web sites including video sites like Hulu and YouTube. (VentureBeat)

Ooyala Launches Swift; white label company’s new video player has a smaller web footprint and features better bandwidth detection and a flexible, modular design. (Ooyala Swift FAQ)

Zensify Launches iPhone App; unites updates across your social graph including YouTube, Flickr and 12Seconds into one news feed. (Zensify)

GodTube Founder Buys TV Network; Chris Wyatt along with Dr. Robert Schuller acquires cable channel AmericanLife TV, plans to turn it into a “family values” network. (Broadcasting & Cable)

What does Sonia Sotomayor Mean for Show Business? The Hollywood Reporter looks at the Supreme Court nominee’s legal history and thinks that aside from some labor issues, she will be studio friendly. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Daily Sprout

Supreme Court Pick’s Track Record: Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor wrote the opinion in Riverkeeper vs. EPA, siding with the fishes and against power companies in a big case that the Supreme Court just overturned. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

The State of State Energy Policies: As the legislative season comes to a close in some states, Kansas now has a renewable portfolio standard, Washington has an executive order aimed at reducing coal plant and auto emissions, Vermont may soon have new incentives for clean energy generation and Nevada has a few bills meant to attract solar panel makers to the state. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Battery Tech Hurdles: According to a paper presented at the 215th biannual meeting of the Electrochemical Society, more work needs to be done to understand not only the primary components of a lithium-ion battery, but also how they interact with one another during use. — Green Car Congress

Rack Density Going Up: A new survey released today finds upcoming data center expansions will be designed to support significantly higher power densities than today’s facilities, partly to reduce energy costs. — Data Center Knowledge

First Solar’s Bruce Sohn: First Solar President Bruce Sohn won’t get into specifics, but in a new Q&Q he talks about the company’s overall approach to integrating equipment designed by outside suppliers. — PV-Tech

Introducing the GigaGamez Stock Tracker

Since GigaGamez is all about the business of games, it just makes sense that we would want to take a look at what’s happening when it comes to gaming technology in the stock market. We’re going to be following the market closely and keeping an eye on our own personal selection of key companies that drive the industry. As always, we’re open to suggestions in case any absolutely crucial players you think deserve to be in here.

Notes for the day: The Chinese market had a really poor day yesterday after a surprisingly good Monday, which shows that happens the market can sometimes correct itself. Now, when China opened, prices dropped, which made our market fluctuate as well. So today, things are starting to level off again and we’re getting back to normal growth.

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