More restructuring for Blackberry: QNX, Project Ion, and crypto software combined into new business unit

It’s been a year full of tumult for Blackberry since CEO John Chen took over the company last November, but there’s at least one more shake-up in store: Blackberry announced Monday that it is creating a new business unit consisting of its most promising technologies. The Blackberry Technology unit will house QNX, Blackberry’s embedded OS, Project Ion, its foray into the Internet of Things, its cryptography software, and 44,000 patents. It will be headed by former Sony-Ericsson CTO Sandeep Chennakeshu. The reorganization could be the first step to reopening talks to sell off parts of the business.

Sony to try the smartwatch game for a second time

Sony’s next-generation SmartWatch is “coming soon” according to the product page, and it looks like a huge improvement over the company’s first attempt, which debuted in Sept. 2010. The SmartWatch connects wirelessly to an Android phone for message notifications checking Facebook and Twitter or monitoring exercise.

Update promises and Android 4.0 may fix fragmentation

Google’s Android 4.0 software won’t be limited to new handset models like the Galaxy Nexus; handset makers are starting to share plans on which existing smartphones will see the update. With plans for software updates to existing phones, this could finally eliminate Android fragmentation issues.

By 2016, 35 percent of the world will have LTE

Ericsson says today only 35 percent of the world’s population has WCDMA/HSPA coverage, and this number is expected to grow to 80 percent in 2016. And similarly the expected the population coverage of LTE will increase from today’s 2 percent to 35 percent in 2016

Without Sony, Ericsson finally becoming broadband player

On paper, the Sony Ericsson divorce is a win-win for both companies. However, it’s a winning move for Ericsson because it allows the company to focus on its core strengths — broadband — as it competes with China’s Huawei, its biggest and scariest competitor.