Sony Joins Android/iPhone E-book Reader Fray

The Sony Reader has been out longer than some of the e-readers on the market, but the company hasn’t joined in the smartphone app wars until now. The company has confirmed it will make Sony Reader apps available in December for two smartphone platforms.

Irrational Exuberance Over E-books?

For a business that amounted to all of $113 million last year, e-books sure are getting a lot of attention these days. In just the past week we’ve had an announcement from Google, concerning its e-book e-commerce platform, Google Editions, a sneak peak at the new Plastic Logic Que and hints of a “dramatically different” e-book reader coming from iRex. This week, Barnes & Noble will take center stage with the unveiling of its much-anticipated branded reading device expected to look a lot like the new Alex from Spring Design.

That all comes on the heels of recent announcements by Sony, Asus and Interead of new e-book readers and Barnes & Noble’s previous unveiling of its online eBookstore. Some of the new e-readers aren’t even on the market yet, but with so many big players chasing little business, can a shakeout be far behind?