Here’s why Soundcloud ditched Flash for HTML5

One of the main reasons to embrace HTML5 for media playback is to make things work on the iPad. But for SoundCloud, HTML5 has also shown much more user engagement than Flash. That’s why the company switched its default widget to HTML5.

Soundcloud turns Instagram pics into retro slide shows

Story Wheel brings the good old narrated slide show back to life, thanks to a mashup of Instagram and Soundcloud. The very first Story Wheel was produced by Soundcloud’s co-founders to celebrate a few important milestones: Soundcloud now has 10 million registered users and 10,000 developers.

Portrait of (and podcast with) an artist entrepreneur: Marc Maron

Marc Maron’s popular WTF podcast is more than an entertaining listen; it shows how the artist-entrepreneur can harness the power of Internet distribution and community. In this audio interview, Maron talks about the lessons he has learned and where he fits into the media landscape.

Will 2012 be the year of hypermedia?

Imagine citizen journalists could remix radio programs or TV news features simply by copy and pasting text fragments of their manuscripts and closed captions: That’s the idea behind hypermedia, and first tools to make it happen could become available as early as next year.