Spotify app Soundrop relaunches, becomes social music player

Soundrop started out as a kind of app within the Spotify client, but its newest iteration goes much further by adding a social integration that puts Spotify’s own social efforts to shame. But relaunching within Spotify is just the first step for Soundrop.

First Spotify app gets funded: Soundrop raises $3M

Soundrop became the first app on Spotify’s app platform to secure major funding this week, and its investor is none other than Northzone – a company that also led the music service’s early funding round. But Soundrop has big ambitions that reach well beyond Spotify.

Spotify gets more social with Soundrop relaunch

Spotify app Spoundrop relaunched over the weekend, adding features that make collaborative listening on Spotify even more social. This should help Spotify to bring more curation to its music catalog, making it possible for users to tune into a more radio-like listening experience.

First numbers: How successful are Spotify’s apps?

It has been a month since Spotify rolled out its app platform to all of its users, and early data from some of the participating third-party developers looks very positive: Spotify users seem to like the added functionality, with many coming back to their favorite apps.