As CDMA dies in Latin America, 3G drives a data boom

Mobile data is picking up momentum in Latin America as the number of 3G connections in the region doubled in 2011. Operators in Latin and South America are shutting down their CDMA networks, replacing them with UMTS systems, resulting in a huge surge in data adoption.

After China, Apple has its eye on Brazil

China is Apple’s second-most-important market after the U.S. But when it comes to finding other new emerging markets to sell its wares, Apple has its eye on Brazil. CEO Tim Cook spoke of the country’s growing importance during Apple’s quarterly earnings call on Tuesday.

Netflix ready to launch Wii kids UI — in Latin America

Wii owners, get ready for a dedicated kids’ UI on your Netflix app — provided that you’re one of the few hundred thousand people in Latin America who have subscribed to the local Netflix service. Support for Latin America’s PS3s will follow soon after.

Netflix is heading south, but what about Roku & Apple TV?

A big part of Netflix’s growth has been its embrace of connected and mobile devices, which now contribute 80 percent of all Netflix traffic. With the company expanding to Latin America, one has to wonder: How many of these devices are available in countries like Brazil?