South Carolina tells Uber to shut down in the state

On Thursday, South Carolina’s Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an order for Uber to cease operations. The state governing body warned the company to stop its service immediately and not to resume until all its driver partners have proper certification. In the directive, the PSC said, “Consumers benefit from, and deserve choices in, the marketplace. However, those choices must be consistent with state law intended to protect the public.”It’s not the only local government that feels that way. State governor Nikki Haley, however, didn’t feel the same. She sent a letter to the PSC Friday expressing disapproval at the decision.

How crowdsourcing will give Hilton Head better mobile coverage

Hilton Head is an island full of sandy beaches, manicured golf courses and lush green trees. But one thing the island community doesn’t have is good cellular coverage. By working with RootMetrics to crowdsource testing of its local cellular networks, it hopes to change that.

Thought of the Day: ‘Yes, you can!’

Entrepreneurs often find inspiration in political leaders — as many of you did last week with our Churchill quotation. The effective ones have the ability to motivate us beyond any single set of circumstances, and over time.

When I read the latest excerpt from Sen. Barack Obama’s acceptance speech in South Carolina, where he won the Democratic primary on Saturday, I found myself replacing certain words in his text such as: ‘country’ or ‘South Carolina’ with ‘company’ or ‘project’; and ‘American people’ with ‘entrepreneur.’

It was a very natural — almost automatic — thing to do, a measure of how resonant Obama’s message can be — universal enough to be as applicable in a business framework, as it was when he spoke about race relations and health care reform to the throngs in attendance the other night.

Obama is talking about the very same ambition you pursue every day as a founder: to create something greater that what was there before you started — against the odds.

…in the end, we’re not up just against the ingrained and destructive habits… We’re also struggling with our own doubts, our own fears, our own cynicism. The change we seek has always required great struggle and great sacrifice. And so this is a battle in our own hearts and minds about what kind of [enterprise] we want and how hard we’re willing to work for it. Read More about Thought of the Day: ‘Yes, you can!’