Where in Asia is Google’s Eric Schmidt?

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has earned a lot of Google air milage points recently, touting technology in stops across Asia. Take a look at where he’s gone and what he’s been up to along the way.

Four South Korean startups to watch

Korea’s future as a startup hub is still a work in progress but I see a lot of reasons to be optimistic about companies emerging from this country of 50 million people. Here are four start-ups that caught my attention at the BeLaunch conference last week.

Korean startups gear up for the spotlight

South Korea is building a start-up ecosystem, hoping to create some of the innovation that turned Silicon Valley into technology capital. The latest step is a two-day conference next week called beLaunch, which is equipping local entrepreneurs with important lessons and getting them to think big.

South Korea & Europe top broadband speeds & usage

South Korea, Japan and some European countries dominate the top lists when it comes to broadband, a report from Akamai finds. The quarterly State of the Internet report puts the South Korean city of Taegu at the top of the 100 fastest cities.

Nokia factories shift to Asia: Did it have any choice?

Embattled Nokia is hoping it can become faster and more competitive by shifting the heart of its manufacturing operations to Asia, a move which will see 4,000 jobs cut in Finland, Hungary and Mexico but will be seen as long overdue.