Southwest Glides Down Path To Fuel Savings

Southwest Airlines is rolling out new fuel-efficient flight-path technology that could save the company up to $60 million a year — and help the global airline industry shave its carbon footprint as well.

Recession-Prep: Don’t focus on cost-cutting. Focus on growth.

moran.jpg These are turbulent times: Bear Stearns, tough credit, long returns, and everyone worried. A time when everyone is once again, focused on cost. What can we cut? Where are there some savings? Are there any heads we can let go?

My experience is that cutting costs is not that hard. As a consultant, I once had a client ask me to only get paid for costs I could cut. I thought to myself, “This could be my biggest payday yet. I will cut all costs. I will get expenses down to zero.” I didn’t say that and we came to an agreeable compromise but it is a good reminder that cutting costs is not hardest part of organizational transformation – growth is harder. Growth is what makes an organization successful, it is what keeps people in their chairs and it is the hardest thing to do.

Don’t believe me? Here is a scenario that has taken place in a thousand conference rooms in the last three months. Read More about Recession-Prep: Don’t focus on cost-cutting. Focus on growth.