White spaces are a go! (at least in Wilmington)

Ignoring the threats by Congress to kill off white spaces, the Federal Communications Commission has approved commercial operations of the first networks and devices to tap into the airwave gaps between TV broadcasts, potentially setting off a new revolution in ‘Super Wi-Fi’ services.

FCC set to trial first database for Super Wi-Fi

Call it what you want, but Super Wi-Fi or white spaces broadband just got a big win today when the FCC approved the first trial using the radio and database needed to deliver the broadband service. the test brings us one step closer to better broadband.

How the White Space Ruling Could Affect the Smart Grid

The FCC has finally ruled on how to govern the so-called white space spectrum, which was freed up when analog TV channel operators switched to digital. This could have some important implications for the emerging smart grid space.

Today in Cleantech

Remember white space?  Given its tortured history, no one would blame you from exorcising it from your mind. But now thanks to Google and Spectrum Bridge, there’s reason to be optimistic. Suffice it to say, early trials in Northern California’s Plumas-Sierra county are encouraging. For more about their white space networking technology, and its potential impact on the smart grid market, be sure to check out Katie Fehrenbacher’s latest Long View (subscription required).

Are White Spaces the Future of Mobile Broadband?

iStock_000008266480XSmallClaudville, Va., is a small town of about 1,000 people that was served primarily by dial-up Internet service. But thanks to a group of technology companies it is now home to the nation’s first functioning white spaces network, an alternative form of wireless broadband. The white spaces trial network will offer both an alternate broadband network as well as a model by which the government might be able to better utilize scarce spectrum resources available to it for delivering ubiquitous mobile broadband. Read More about Are White Spaces the Future of Mobile Broadband?