Apple Announces WWDC Keynote Date, Time, and Speaker


Today Apple (s aapl) revealed some more details about the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference via a press release available on their web site. Specifically, they give a firm date and time for the keynote speech of the event, and details about who will be involved.

Many had hoped that since Steve Jobs’ medical leave of absence is set to end in June, he would once again take the stage at WWDC ’09 to deliver the keynote with the trademark showmanship that has made Apple events the media circuses they are today. Read More about Apple Announces WWDC Keynote Date, Time, and Speaker

Speech to Text, the Next Step

Windows has developed what they feel is the next generation of computing, the tablet PC. We’ve seen Bill Gates strongly advocate the tablet as the true “next generation” platform for computing. But I disagree, and here’s why.

Handwriting schmandwriting

I still argue that writing recognition on a tablet isn’t close enough to paper writing. I’ve used a HP Pavillion tx series tablet and what I’ve found is an intuitive hand writing recognition application. I think anything that can translate my handwriting into text is worth appreciating, but it still doesn’t replace the feel and use of paper. I think mainly because it still transforms my writing into text alone. Why not just type then, I’m faster at it anyways?

I know with the Wacom Tablet (PC/Mac) you can maintain your actual handwriting but again the experience takes time getting used to, and is still confined by the limitations of its own application. I know there are people who live by their Wacom tablet as if they were extensions of themselves, for lectures and daily navigating, but I think if we break down the need, we can create a more intuitive system of input.
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